Container rail services find their applicability between China and Italy, and are an important route for transporting goods over long distances. This rail route, also known as the “New Silk Road,” offers numerous advantages for businesses and traders seeking reliable and competitive transportation solutions.

Starting from Chinese cities such as Yiwu, Chongqing or Chengdu, containers loaded with goods embark on a journey through countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Austria before arriving in Italy. This route overcomes the challenges associated with sea transport, offering shorter transit times than sea shipments and greater security for goods.

Container rail services from China to Italy have proven to be particularly beneficial for various sectors, including e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics. Their speed and reliability make them an attractive choice for companies seeking to optimize delivery times and reduce transportation costs, while maintaining a high level of service and tracking of goods.

In addition, rail services offer greater sustainability than air or sea transport, helping to reduce carbon emissions associated with international transport operations.

Container rail services between China and Italy represent an advanced and efficient logistics solution that enables companies to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by international trade while ensuring fast, safe and cost-effective delivery of goods.


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