Maritime Transportation

Maritime transport is a key component of international trade, but it can also be one of the most difficult forms of transport to manage.

The difficulties can be many and include issues of logistics, regulations, transit time, container and cargo management, to name a few.

WIN-SAIL INTERNATIONAL has extensive experience and problem solving skills that can successfully handle these challenges and ensure quality service to its customers while always expanding the possibilities.

Full Loads (FCL) China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, UAE, Turkey, U.S.A., Canada, South America

WIN-SAIL INTERNATIONAL offers a dedicated and reliable solution for cargoes defined as “General Cargo. With strong relationships with major shipping companies and a network of overseas offices, we guarantee competitive rates and space. Our team manages every aspect of the transportation process, from booking space to coordinating loading operations at factories and the necessary documentation, and ensures prompt customs clearance and delivery services to the destination.

Groupage (LCL) shipments China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, UAE, Turkey, U.S.A, Canada, South-America

Our LCL ( Groupage ) shipments are an economical and flexible solution for smaller cargo sizes. We consolidate loads to maximize space utilization and reduce transportation costs for each participant. The convenience lies in the fact that abroad you have offices, warehouses, and trained personnel who will, under instruction, do the loading. In addition, you have management control of all costs, which makes it possible to charge advantageous and competitive rates.

Freedom of Choice of Services

Unlike large companies, which are often tied to one company by acting as their proxies, WIN-SAIL works independently. The service, ship routes, available options, should be studied and selected at the time for the best decision.

This is because we are Customer and Service oriented and respect needs that are unique and specific. A diverse range of solutions allows customers to first learn about and then select the most suitable company, both in terms of service and cost. This freedom expands choice and enables clients to obtain personalized and specific service.

Competitive Rates

Because we are independent of a single company, we are able to negotiate competitive and advantageous rates for our clients and can guarantee the best rates available.

Saving on transportation costs without compromising service quality is an outcome that is built together every day.



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