Dedicated solutions for overland transportation

Land transport is a key pillar of modern logistics, ensuring the efficient movement of goods by road and rail. These transports can be divided into two main categories: dedicated transports and groupage transports.

Dedicated transportation involves the assignment of a specific vehicle or train to transport the goods of an individual customer or company. This mode offers several advantages, including customized delivery times, increased security of goods, and more direct management of logistics operations. In addition, dedicated transports allow greater flexibility in meeting customers’ specific needs and ensuring traceability of goods along the entire transportation route.

On the other hand, groupage transport involves the bundling of goods from different customers into a single vehicle or container. This mode is particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses or smaller loads, as it allows for sharing of transportation costs and optimized use of available vehicle space. Although it may involve slightly longer delivery times than dedicated transport, groupage transport offers an economical and efficient option for transporting goods over long distances.

In both cases, overland transportation is an important logistics solution to meet the transportation needs of businesses and consumers, ensuring fast, safe and reliable delivery of goods throughout the country and internationally.


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